Bosphorus Dinner Cruise With Belly Dance ( Without Alcohol )

You will see an authentic belly dance of Eastern beauties, Turkish wedding staging and theatrical history of the Ottoman Empire. At dinner you will be offered delicious dishes of national Turkish cuisine and alcoholic / non-alcoholic local beverages (2 servings). This wonderful evening will end up with disco, during which the European and Turkish music will be played.
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Full Day Old City Sultanahmet Byzantine and Ottoman Relics Tour

Byzantine and Ottoman Relics Tour is Best of Istanbul Daily Tours which covers the historical museums, monuments, ruins, churches, mosque and palaces in Istanbul. Byzantine and Ottoman Relics Tour is available everyday and it is the most historical tour in between Istanbul daily Tours that you can joined to daily group and make your istanbul tours easy and guaranteed. Byzantine and Ottoman Relics ...
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Sapanca Lake, Maashukiya Water Falls

Sapanca Lake is known to be one of the weekend gateways near the busy city of Istanbul. Escape the hustle and bustle of the Istanbul city for Sapanca tour to the Sapanca Lake. Visit the Darica Zoo and see a variety of animals there. Afterwards, we will drive to the Masukiye village followed by climbing the half of the heights of Kartepe Mountain. In case we will be left with some more time, we wil...
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رحله عشاء بوسفور مع رقص شرقي (مع كحول(

المحتوي انك سترى الرقص الشرقي الاصيل والمسرحيات وحفل الزفات التركي في تاريخ الامبراطوريه العثمانيه

علي العشاء سوف يعرض اطباق تركيه لذيذه من المطبخ الوطني والمشروبات الكحوليه او الغير كحوليه  المحليه.


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جوله طرابزون اليوميه الخاصه

الزوار ياتون الي تركيا الجميله والرائعه لانها ليستكلها نفس الطبيعه والنوع .

هناك بعض الناس تفضل ان تذهب لوحدها  والبعض الاخر يحب ان يذهب مع مجموعه من الغرباء

نحن في جولتنا نتفهم هذا الشي لذا قررنا ان نكون...

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Daily Sumela Monastery Tour

If you like to enjoy the natural beauty more than the historical and man-made things, we have the ultimate package for you. Come with us on a day tour to the phenomenally beautiful city of Trabzon. When talking about the natural beauty Turkey has got from the Mother Nature, Trabzon is top of the list. Situated in the Northeastern part of Turkey on the bank of the Coast of the Black city, this city...
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Pergamon Day Tour From Istanbul

Pergamon Day Tour From Istanbul is a daily departure tour which covers the historical. Pergamon Day Tour from Istanbul covers one of the Seven Churches of Revelation and Temple of Athena, Pergamon Church, Altar of Zeus....
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Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi

Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi is one of the most popular tour which is available everyday from Kusadasi as Ephesus. Pamukkale and Hierapolis are some of attractions which you must do in Turkey. If you want you can stay in the beach site and make day tour to Pamukkale and Hierapolis from Kusadasi. Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi is a guaranteed daily departure tour....
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Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour is available every day and it will compete your Pamukkale Tour. It is one of the most important new activity in Pamukkale....
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Antalya Aquarium & Shop

A day not tob e missed! Visit the beautiful city of Antalya and be dazzled by the sparkling diamonds at the jewellery centre.

A chance to view the Karpuzkaldıran waterfalls, where the river falls graciously into the sea.

Free time to explore the old town of Kaleiçi with it’s cobbled street, antique houses and the pictures picturesque harbour....
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منطاد الهواء البالون في كابدوكيا

متاحه في الصباح الباكر فقط ,عند شروق الشمس لا توجد رحلات اخري متاحه خلال اليوم  , في كل يوم طوال العام حسب الطقس يسمح بوقت الجوله ساعه واحده في الهواء  وقت الجوله كامله من ساعتان ونصف ل 3 ساعات في الصيف من ابريل ...

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جوله كابدوكيا اليوميه الجوله الخضراء

القريه الحمراء هي واحده من اجمل والافضل مكان علي الاطلاق وهناك قريه الورديه والقريتان بجانب بعضهما 

ابدا من نقطه الغروب بالقرب من اورتاهيساب  وقم بالدراجه عبر اول وادي الاحمر وبعد ذلك الوادر الروز او الو...

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Daily Ayder Tour

This is your chance to explore the amazing and majestic sites of turkey with our famous Ayder tour. We take you on a memorable and engaging trip from Trabzon to Ayder, allowing you to mingle with the very core traditional Turkey, exploring the world’s renowned knife shops, taste the tempting flavors of traditional Turkish delights, find your adventurous self by rafting in Zeni and then exploring...
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Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour

Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour for All levels riders in beautiful valleys of Cappadocia. The horses are well trained and familiar to locations. Most of the beginner riders are asking to join the horse riding tours again after they have their first ride in Cappadocia. We promise you a different and a memorable experience.

Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour for 1 Hour covers the Route 1, and horse riding w...
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Trabzon Uzungol Tour

If you are a nature lover, and you want to enjoy going through outstanding wildlife and stunning natural beauty, then you must go for Uzungol Tour. You will be picked from the Trabzon Airport, your Trabzon Hotel, Trabzon cruise ship port, or Trabzon Marina. You will find our tour guide holding up a sign with your name written on it. The guide will be providing you with a complementary Trabzon city...
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Old City Byzantine Relics Tour (Morning)

Byzantine Relics Tour is the half day morning daily departure regular group of istanbul daily tours is available everyday. Byzantine Relics Tour is the best way to visit the historical sites which is left by te Byzantine Empire in Istanbul. Relics Istanbul Daily Tours departs from hotel in Istanbul with pick up service....
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Shop Tour Istanbul

We start our tour in the modern trade fair center of
leather and gold, where the variety of choices and modern production technologies do not leave anyone indifferent. Then according to our program, we go to the shopping center, which is located in the heart of Istanbul. The tour takes a little more than half a day....
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Bosphorus New Year's Eve Party Istanbul 2019

Bosphorus New Year's Eve Party Istanbul is available only during the new year night and new year's eve invite all the visitor to have a very nice and romantic muments in Istanbul while in their vacation. Istanbul is beautiful city and Bosphorus is the most beautiful part of the city and while in a vacation in Istanbul, it will be the much worth way to be in new year's night....
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مدينه يالوفا ومنتجعها الحراري

ساعتان سواقه في مركب الرحله من اسطنبول ,والاستمتاع ب منطقه يالوفا ,وفي الطريق سوف نعبر بجانب مناطق خياليه مذهله وقري مميزه حتي نصل الى المنتزة المحمي ومنتجع المياه الحارة والربيعيه التي يزورها الالاف من السياح و...

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Aquarium & Shopping Mall Tour

Istanbul Aquarium holds a leading position among
worldwide aquariums thanks to its volume, variety of
fish species, and the activities on travel routes. Visitors
follow a geographical route that includes 16 themes and 1 rainforest going from the Black Seatowards the Pacific. All living creatures in Istanbul Aquarium continue to live in the conditions as nearest as possible to those of their hab...
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Boat Tour :The visit of Istanbul never complete without a boat cruise in Bosphorus Strait that divides the city into two continents Asia & Europe , enjoying and viewing from the boat the famous Rumeli Fortress , Ottoman Palaces , kiosks & modern Villas together with other fascinating historical and Natural sights on both shores before back to the hotel .
(With Opportunity to have short Turkish Sw...
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